More leads with an effective inbound sales and marketing process starts with HubSpot.

HubSpot is the all in one system we use to grow your business.

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Get a grip on your entire marketing process

HubSpot is an integral way to streamline the complete customer experience. Marketing, sales and customer service “talk” to each other seamlessly.

More relevant traffic and qualified leads

HubSpot guides and enables you to create all the content you need to provide for a personalized experience that attracts and converts the right customers at scale.

Automate your recurring manual operations.

Make technology work for you. This leaves you more time to build quality relationships.

What is HubSpot?

There’s a better way to grow.

The HubSpot platform supports multiple processes of marketing automation flows and helps companies realize their inbound strategy. HubSpot offers four hubs: a marketing, sales, service and CMS hub.

Marketing Hub

Marketing Software that allows you to generate more traffic, convert more visitors and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

Valuable Features:

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics

Sales Hub

CRM software for sales that allows you to gain more insight into who your prospects (leads) are, automate repetitive tasks and close more deals faster.

Valuable features:

  • Advanced CRM
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Quotations

Service Hub

Customer service software to help you connect with customers, exceed expectations and turn them into “raving fans” who help you grow your business.

Valuable Features:

  • Tickets
  • Customer feedback (NPS)
  • Knowledge base


Content management software that is flexible for marketers, powerful for developers, and provides customers with a personalized, secure experience.

Valuable Features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • SEO recommendations
  • Website themes

Why HubSpot?

Marketing-, sales- and service software in one platform!

With HubSpot, all your marketing (and Sales) processes, tools and data are managable with one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You save valuable time and get all the context you need to deliver a personalized experience that attracts and converts the right customers at scale.

A unique collaboration with Bammboo

Data driven work starts with smartly designing your processes. Not sexy, but HOT! Smart marketing software tools are indispensable. But the question is; What do we need? Where do you start? What do you base your choices on? Thanks to our years of experience with a wide range of companies, we can guide you through the implementation, on-boarding and operationalization of HubSpot. All this at the pace your company needs and can handle. So no “functionality festival” or “information overload”.

Your own HubSpot learning environment

The world of online marketing never stands still. HubSpot responds to this by offering a complete online Academy. This allows your team to continue to develop in relevant areas of expertise. Think about generating leads through the standard channels such as SEO, social advertising and content marketing, while at the same time activating users by means of CRO, landing page optimisation or setting up smart product tours.

An additional advantage is that you can also collect certificates. All the more reason to challenge each other and take your marketing to the next level. Challenge your colleagues on their growth mindset #gamification.

Powerful Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Software that allows you to generate more traffic, convert more visitors and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale. With marketing automation, you can use each lead’s behavior to tailor emails, content, offers and outreach at scale. Let your leads find their own path to purchase to close more deals.

Free CRM system

Most CRM systems have a per-user licensing model, with HubSpot the CRM is free. and you can create unlimited users. You don’t have to worry about a limited number of contacts, as your organization can add up to 1 million contacts for free in HubSpot CRM.

What functionalities are included in HubSpot?

CRM (organizations & contacts), smart tracking of E-mail, meetings and documents, handy plugins for Outlook & Gmail, setting up Marketing automation flows, task and calendar management, sales funnels & creating offers, Chatbots, E-mail marketing campaigns, Dashboards & reports and much more.


Complete audits

Providing you a complete audit, we look at what the growth opportunities are for your business and to what extent HubSpot is the best fit for your needs.


Setup and Implementation

We’ll make sure HubSpot is fully integrated to your liking. Because of this, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge yourself.


Customized Onboarding

A system is only as good as how the user experiences it. Because HubSpot offers many possibilities, it is important that you are guided gradually in how to use HubSpot. This is to avoid the stress of choice and “information overload”.

Hubspot gives us the opportunity to centralize and streamline all of our sales and marketing activities. Through this CRM, each team member has insight into what is happening around a lead and can respond to marketing campaigns accordingly.

Kees VerkadeCEO - Kega

Working with Hubspot through Bammboo made us put our entire funnel to work. We learned that marketing doesn't end at lead generation, it's just the beginning!

Sebastiaan RoebroekProgram Manager Talent - TechLeap

Certified Partner

HubSpot works with a select group of experienced and certified HubSpot partners. Bammboo is a certified partner.

Hubspot academy

At Bammboo, we believe that self-development is extremely important. We challenge ourselves to keep learning. HubSpot Academy offers several certified courses. The following certificates Bammboo has in the pocket. #practicewhatyoupreach 😉


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